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“Moomin New Year Celebration”

07 Feb 2562

Get Ready to Meet Moomin, Popular Cartoon Character from Finland, in “Moomin New Year Celebration” at Fashion Island

Fashion Island celebrates end of year with a big surprise of “Moomin New Year Celebration” in “Gift Fest 2020”. With a concept of “Happiness is all around”, guests will get to meet Moomin Troll, a popular cartoon character who flew all the way from Finland to surprise everyone at Fashion Island whose venue will be magically transformed into “Moomin Valley”.

Get exclusive experience in Meet & Greet with Moomin and Friends, followed by Santa & Santy Kids Contest to win prizes worth over THB30,000.

Customers who have purchased items from the event or in the department store with value over THB1,500 will get to take photos with Moomin for free. This privilege is reserved only for the day of the event (1 privilege/person/receipt). Also, a privilege to participate in “Workshop Moomin Cookies” is granted for free when customers have purchased items valued over THB500 in the event OR over THB1,000 in the department store (30 privileges for weekdays, 50 privileges for weekends and public holidays; 1 privilege/person/day).

The story of Moomin involves a small family living in the forest of Finland. Moomin is a furry white troll with a large snout resembling that of hippopotamus. He is a classic cartoon character whose popularity is widespread among people in Finland, Sweden, Russia, and many other neighboring countries. With subtle and simple drawings, together with multiple adventures of different characters, Moomin is well beloved by people in many countries around the world.

Pek Palitchok will be joining the “Moomin New Year Celebration” on 31 December 2019 at 16.30 hrs., getting ready to cast the spell of joyful celebration and pure entertainment on the last day of the year. A wide range of activities, special promotions, and gifts are offered for shoppers who wish to buy meaningful presents for their loved ones. Photo landmarks are also installed for visitors to enjoy. For more information, please visit


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