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Event Promotion Hall Service

We are leading department store and real estate developer and management, aiming to sustainably grow by focusing on product quality and high standard of service. We have succeeded in selecting the best possible options for our customers, which is greatly supported by a strong collaboration with our business partners and subsidiaries.

Fashion Island owns the best location in Ram Intra. With our ‘One Stop Shopping’, guests will be intrigued by multiple merchandises and services. We provide meaningful experiences beyond shopping and aim to continuously improve our services to cater to every wish and faciliate every family and lifestyle.

The Promenade, a lifestyle mall under the concept of “Romantic Casual Style”, invites guests to experience delicious food, trendy fashion, health and beauty, and high-end supermarket. “The Promenade” offers ultimate shopping experiences, where shoppers can easily walk to Fashion Island using walking bridge that connects to the second floor.

TERMINAL21 - THE WHOLE WORLD IS HERE A grand shopping terminal that gathers the entire world into one place as it dedicates one floor to represent one city. With Market Street style inspired by 8 renowned shopping destinations across the globe, it offers new shopping experiences that answer to every lifestyle.

LIFE CENTER, an ideal lifestyle mall located on Sathorn Road, impresses guests with multiple alternatives on health and beauty innovations, making it appealing to health enthusiasts.