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Event Promotion Hall Service


Fashion Island, the big and futuristic department store, is situated on the best location of Ram Intra Road. It has 100-rai land with usable area of 350,000 sq.m., a capacity of 50,000 car park spaces per day, and over 600 branded stores. With our “One Stop Shopping”, we have welcomed over 120,000 guests each day. Fashion Island is developed by Siam Retail Development Company Limited, one of the fastest growing retail companies in Thailand and the developer of The Promenade and Terminal 21 Korat. We aim to uplift retail business by creating modern and joyful experiences beyond shopping where all family members can enjoy and have fun together.

We cater to every aspect of your lifestyle.

With our “One Stop Shopping”, Fashion Island provides all kinds of merchandises and services. It is easily reachable by BTS Pink-Line, directly at Eastern Outer Ring Station, making it more convenient for shoppers. The internal spaces are filled with plenty of stores e.g. ROBINSON, BIC C, HOMEPRO, SPORT WORLD, MAJOR CINEPLEX, B2S, CENTRAL POWER CENTER, NEW ISLAND, ISLAND ACADEMY, FOOD ISLAND, financial institutions, fun park, and many other services. Its brand-new zone, Grand Station Market, offers more alternatives, answering to every lifestyle.

We are actively evolving.

As customers and tenants are our main priority, we aim to continuously improve ourselves in every single aspect to serve your wishes, offering the fastest and most futuristic services, customized stores, intriguing promotions, modern designs, and perfect space allocations. We make use of modern services as a channel to drive our business to its utmost efficiency, together with collaborations with some of our subsidiaries and other business alliances to offer our customers the best privileges.

We create meaningful experiences beyond shopping

Fashion Island is fully determined to fulfill your shopping experiences and offer ultimate services that facilitate every member of your family and every lifestyle. We bring together joyful activities and entertainment with varieties of exciting and unique events.

Our ‘One Stop Shopping’ will give you utmost happiness.