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“Wonder Kids Thailand”

07 Feb 2562

MCOT to Blast 3 Days of Entertainment on Children’s Day 2020/h3>

Thai News Agency (21 November) – MCOT joins hands with Fashion Island to organize a grand event on Children’s Day 2020 for three consecutive days. In this event, nine Thai and international cartoons and superheroes will come to surprise the kids along with many more exclusive activities, all of which will inspire children to follow their dreams. Activities include drone show, hip-hop dancing, special training to be a news reporter and DJ, and a “Hand Stamp Challenge” to encourage children to do good deeds.

Mr. Kematat Polladech, CEO of MCOT Public Company Limited, together with Mr. Prasert Sriuranpong, Managing Director of Siam Retail Development Company Limited, jointly signed an agreement of mutual collaboration in the organizing of “Wonder Kids Thailand” at Fashion Island to celebrate Children’s Day during 10-12 January 2020. Nine famous cartoon characters from Thailand will make their grand appearances in the event to entertain the kids, along with special shows to develop children’s skills and imaginations and several awards, all of which are free for all publics.

Highlights in the event include mini-drone racing performed by an 11-year-old “Milk” Wannaya, the youngest drone flying champion, a world renown hip-hop dancing show by Thai Youth Team who has won awards from USA for 2 consecutive years, a training to be news reporter or DJ as an inspiration for kids to develop their skills, and last but not least, a “Hand Stamp Challenge” that encourages kids to write down commitments about their ideas of good deeds in a piece of paper.

Cartoon characters and special shows include ONE PIECE, Conan, Little Pony, Transformer, Snoopy, Pang Pond, Lupin Ranger, Happy Duck, Princess Story, Super Wings, and Pang Pond Leng Hong.

“Children’s Day 2020 will be bigger than the previous years as it lasts 3 days. With our collaboration with 9 cartoons worldwide, kids will be delighted by the tremendous joy and entertainment. Also, Fashion Island is a perfect venue for such a grand event as the department store can take up to as many as 50,000 parking capacity and is surrounded by family-focused residences. In the future, MCOT is preparing to deliver ongoing entertainment for children in suburban areas by organizing events during semester break and on weekends in big department stores such as, Terminal 21 Korat and Pattaya”, said Mr. Kematat.


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